• Why choose Armourstore Self Storage?

  • Here at Armourstore Self Storage Limited, we really do want your business, we also want you to walk away happy and to recommend our service to others.  We therefore, do our best to ensure that you have no reason to go anywhere else, by giving you the highest quality facilities, together with the best service and prices, that are well below those of our competitors.

    If there is anything that we can do over and above what is already on offer, please tell us and we will certainly give it serious consideration.

    Best value for money by far. We keep an eye on our competitors prices and ensure that we are always the best value by far. Our prices are currently less than half those charged by Cambridge based Storage Services and a third lower than most others! The prices we’re quoting aren’t special offers, they are our normal prices. View Our Price List.

    Security – All units are fitted with high security lockboxes. Good quality locks are available to buy from us at only £20.00 + VAT. We do not recycle locks because there is always the possibility that someone has obtained a copy of the key. The site is protected by high security electronic gates and 24/7 CCTV security cameras.  We also have personnel living adjacent to the site. We very much believe in “prevention is better than cure”, therefore, we continually review and upgrade our security arrangements.

    All our storage units are brand new, which ensures that they will not suffer with rotten rubber seals and leaks due to rusting.

    The best quality storage units.  All our Container Storage Units have ventilation, insulated roofs and are raised above the ground to ensure that they do not suffer with dampness or condensation. A number of units are used by customers storing items such as clothing, electrical goods, books and furniture without any problems.

    All our storage units are accessible at ground level.

    You will be dealing with a reliable and long established business - We have been providing Storage Services from our 3.25 acre site near Ely, Cambridgeshire since 1996 and are members of Gold - Federation of Small Businesses and long standing Gold - Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce and Fenland Network Enterprise. Our site is also an approved Insurastore storage site. 

    Unrestricted access – Once you are booked in, you can access your unit as often as you like. Entry to the site is gained by your electronic security card and you don’t need to make an appointment.

    Insurance - We can provide you with optional low cost insurance for your stored goods. Please contact us for details.

    No hidden charges – there’s your rent plus the VAT, a once only payment for your lock and security tag card. That’s all.  Many storage companies make quite a hefty surcharge if you want to pay by credit card, or they want large deposits or to charge you each time you access your storage unit.  Some also make hefty charges if you’re a few days late with your payment. What’s worse is that they hide these charges in the small print.  We don’t do any of these things.  Naturally, you will incur additional charges if you do not pay us, but prompt payment enables us to keep our prices so much lower than other storage companies.

    Our minimum storage period is only one month and you can reserve your unit for up to a month in advance, absolutely free of charge.

    Only pay for the time and the space that you need – we will refund payment for unused weeks when you vacate.  We will also allow you to move to a larger or a smaller storage unit at any time without penalty.

    We do not use premium rate telephone numbers.  

    Testimonials from happy customers shown are all absolutely genuine, click here to view them.

    – our sites total well over 3 acres in size and we currently have over 600 storage units of various sizes with plenty of room available for expansion.  You are therefore, unlikely to find that a suitable unit is not available at that crucial time when your new house completion is suddenly delayed, or your business stock arrives early and someone forgot to let you know!

    Improvements - we have a policy of continual improvement. Regular visitors to the site see upgrades and improvements being made all the time.