• Storage Q and A’s

  • Q) Do your storage containers suffer with dampness or condensation?
    A) No. Our units are all brand new and they all have lined ceilings. All the containers are raised above ground level and are properly ventilated. Existing customers use them for storing stocks of new paperbacks, collectable paper products and soft furnishings without any problems. You do, of course, need to ensure that your belongings are dry when you load them into your self storage unit.

    Q) Do you offer insurance?
    A) Yes. We offer low cost insurance is an optional extra. It is worth checking with your home contents insurer first though because some will cover your goods in store at no extra cost and even we can’t beat that price!

    Q) Are my goods safe in your storage units?
    A) Yes. Every unit is fitted with a high security lockbox.  We supply reasonably priced good quality locks to fit the lockboxes. You keep the locks when you vacate. We don’t recycle locks as this could be a security risk. Your gate tag is coded and every entry and exit is recorded on our computer system. A modern high definition CCTV system records all activity on and around the site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security patrols are on hand if any suspicious activity is suspected. You can only access the site using your security card. Any cards that are not returned at the end of the storage term are disabled.  Number plate recognition software records the registration number of every vehicle visiting the site.

    Q) When can we access our unit?
    A) Once you are booked in, you can come and go as you like and we do not make any additional charge. We don’t limit the number of visits either.

    Q) What is your minimum storage term?
    A) One calendar month.

    Q) Do you refund if we vacate early?
    A) Yes, we will refund any unused weeks that have been prepaid.

    Q) Do you charge a deposit?
    A) No.

    Q) Do you accept credit cards?
    A) Yes, we accept all the usual credit and debit cards including American Express and we do not surcharge any cards.

    Q) What can’t I store in your units?
    A) We don’t accept anything that may combust or explode, anything that needs feeding, or anything illegal. However, we will allow small quantities of fuel within fuel tanks of motor bikes, mowers or plant.

    Q) How can you be so much cheaper than other self storage companies, after all, you only get what you pay for…..don’t you?
    A) This is true much of the time, however, Armourstore only has two Directors and no debt.  Both our 3 acre site on the A10 Bypass in Littleport and our 3.25 acre site at Black Bank Road, Little Downham are owned by the Directors.  Therefore, we can afford to offer prices that are considerably lower than our competitors.